To me masculinity is violent. Itis many more thingso but it is also inherently violent. in many ways. This is what for me the first scene symbolises. The main character is afraid of this violence. This is the reason he starts walking.


the solution is walking. He keeps going. Things start to happen to him. Which on its own only hold strong metaphorical power but have no correlation and causality. all the different scenes are based around a certain Istigkeit.

I hope to show this through a psychedelic focus on certain psychedelic focus on “mere things”.


“I never was lost in the woods in my whole life,” said Daniel Boone, “though once I was confused for three days.”“(They) were always lost, because they’d never been to these places before. They never expected to know exactly where they were. Yet, at the same time, many of them knew their instruments pretty well and understood their trajectories within a reasonable degree of accuracy. In my opinion, their most important skill was simply a sense of optimism about surviving and finding their way.” Lost, these people I talked to helped me understand, was mostly a state of mind, and this applies as much to all the metaphysical and metaphorical states of being lost as to blundering around in the backcountry

Different videos about masculinity